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Wallis Autogyro WA-116 ("Little Nellie")


This HFI model is part of the world's largest public display of scale model helicopters.

Aircraft Specifications
First Flight:
Main Rotor:
20 ft., 2 in.
1 x 72 shp McCulloch 4318
Max Speed:
60 mph
6 ft., 1 in.
Gross Weight:
550 lbs.
Empty Weight:
295 lbs.

The Wallis WA-116 autogyro, known as "Little Nellie," was a helicopter that could lift twice its own weight, fly 130 mph and rapidly climb to 13,500 feet--even though it weighed 250 lbs. This aircraft could take off in 30 yards of space at a minimum speed of approximately 14 mph. The autogyro was flown by James Bond in a movie featuring the flying exploits of agent 007.

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