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SO-1220 Djinn

This HFI model is part of the world's largest public display of scale model helicopters.
It was built to 1/50 scale. It was donated to the HFI archives by Aerospatiale.

Aircraft Specifications
First Flight:
Main Rotor:
32 ft., 10 in.
250 shp Turbomeca Palouste IV
Max Speed:
80 mph
7 ft., 9 in.
17 ft., 5 in.
Gross Weight:
1,389 lbs.
Empty Weight:
694 lbs.

The prototype Djinn helicopter (SO-1220) was produced by the Sud-Ouest factory of the nationalized French aircraft industry and made its first flight in 1951. This aircraft was the world's first mass-produced jet helicopter, and it featured a "cold-jet" rotor that was turned by compressed air supplied by the engine with no further combustion occurring at the rotor tips. Five prototypes, and a pre-production series of 22, were built before full-scale production. In March, 1957 a Djinn set an altitude record of 27,860 ft.

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