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      Model Exhibits By Manufacturer: Kaman Aerospace Corp.
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This HFI model is part of the world's largest public display of scale model helicopters. It was built to 1/48 scale.

Aircraft Specifications
First Flight:
Main Rotor:
47 ft.
Lycoming T53-L-1B Gas Turbine
Max Speed:
120 mph
15 ft., 6 in.
25 ft., 2 in.
Gross Weight:
8,800 lbs.
Empty Weight:
4,469 lbs.

About the Aircraft:
The HH-43B helicopter has an intermeshing rotor known as a "synchrocopter." The two main rotors are driven by the twin shafts of a single transmission and they are mounted side-by-side on individual rotor pylons.

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