Next-Gen Maintenance Initiative

The helicopter industry is facing a shortage of qualified and experienced aviation maintenance technicians (AMT). And because the AMT is just as important as the pilot in getting the aircraft off the ground, this scarcity is critical.

The reasons for this shortage are many, and some are beyond the influence of HFI or our industry. One issue that HFI can address is the exclusive focus of many aviation high schools and airframe and powerplant schools on fixed-wing aviation.

In many schools, you would never know that rotary-wing aviation exists, let alone is a thriving aviation sector — some AMT students graduate without ever being exposed to the helicopter industry. Is an AMT who has never put a hand on a helicopter airframe or engine going to choose a job in that sector?

To change this, the HFI’s Next-Gen Maintenance Initative will work to raise students’ awareness of rotorcraft careers, as well as to increase AMT students’ exposure to the industry and provide support for AMT students who are considering careers in the helicopter sector. Specific programs of the HFI Next-Gen Maintenance Initiative include:

  • Providing funding to high schools and postsecondary schools to implement courses that offer rotorcraft-specific training to students, who can then graduate with AMT-qualified credit
  • Creating a database of donated, surplus, retired, or grounded helicopter equipment that can be given to schools and used to train AMTs
  • Identifying and matching industry mentors with students to guide and motivate them to complete their studies

Your donations to HFI will help us solve one of our industry’s most pressing issues, as well as provide thousands of young men and women with a rewarding career. If you think that is a win-win, then donate to HFI today!